U Dřeváka

New beer on tap – Johann PALE – 11° craft beer brewed exclusively for our pub. You can’t taste it anywhere else!

Light, non filtred, top fermented american style pale ale. A drinkable pale 4.7% beer with moderate hops bitterness.

Hops used: Harmonie (CZ), Phoenix (UK), Chinook (US).

We are concentrating primarily on a quality Czech cuisine in a modern style. We want to achieve honestly prepared meals from quality and fresh ingredients,

without using any pre-prepaid stock or artificial flavourings.

Besides our tasty food, you can enjoy our perfect beer, tapped to 'surface'

from the Pelhrimov brewery Poutnik or the Brno brewery Lucky Bastard.

Beer tapped 'to surface' is typical by its creame foam full of micro bubbles.

Such a foam is - instead of the 'dry hat' - wet and full of beer.

That's why you can enjoy this beer straight away, whilst in case of dry hat you have to wait until the foam dissolves a bit. The foam is smooth and straight on the surface, after having a sip it creates circles on the glass, so called 'little surfaces'. Then the beer calms down and in the end it settles. This beer has a pleasant tang and it is not overfed or empty.


We want to recommend you our mature beef which we are sourcing from local farmers. Beef from young bulls is maturing at least for five weeks and this fact gives it outstanding attributes and taste.